Kit Homes For Sale – February, 2017


Do you live in or are planning on moving to Southeast Michigan? Do you want to see what all the fuss is about kit homes? Do you want to live in one? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to look into some of the homes for sale below.


Wardway Dover – Mott Park, Flint, Michigan.

This first home is located in the Mott Park neighborhood on Flint’s West Side. Much like the Civic Park neighborhood about 2 miles North, Mott Park was built by the Modern Housing Corporation/R. W. Cross Housing Division of General Motors as a bedroom community for factory workers and managers at the nearby Buick and Chevrolet factories, respectively. While this home has yet to be officially authenticated, I would consider the odds of this home being the real deal to be “quite likely”.


Wardway Kenwood – Mott Park, Flint, Michigan

As with the Dover above, this home is located in the Mott Park neighborhood in Flint’s west side. Also like the Dover above, I would put the odds of this being a kit home as “quite likely”.


Wardway Dover – Oakland Park, Pontiac, MI

Now for our third and final home in a Modern Housing Corporation/R. W. Cross Housing Division development, we have this Wardway Dover in their Oakland Park development in Pontiac, MI (about 30-45 minutes south of Flint). As with the other two, while there is nothing to authenticate it, I would still call it “quite likely”.

P. S. For those who wish to read more about the kit homes of the Oakland Park neighborhood, check out Andrew & Wendy Mutch’s series “A Neighborhood of Wardway Homes” (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4).


Wardway Dover – East Elm-North Macomb Street Historic District, Monroe, MI

And now for our third and final (yet again, how serendipitous) Wardway Dover! As stated above, it is in the East Elm-North Macomb Street Historic District in Monroe, which is both a national and state level historic district. While I do not know of anything to authenticate this home, there may be some paperwork that may do so bundled up within a historic report or nomination form somewhere. Also, there’s another Dover 2 houses down the street from this one, for what it’s worth.


Wardway Maywood – West Bloomfield, MI

This is the grandest (and last) Wardway home on our list. While it is not authenticated, it still has many of the original details, making it at least easily recognizable.


Liberty (Lewis) Wellington – Swartz Creek, MI

This is the only Lewis (well, technically Liberty) home currently for sale in Southeast Michigan. While it is well-maintained, it has seen an unfortunate duplex conversion which a prospective owner may want to un-do at some point. This home has not been authenticated. Also, for what it’s worth, it’s around the corner from an authenticated Sears Crescent, and a (yet to be authenticated) Sears Berwyn.


Sears Maplewood –  Eastpointe, MI

This well-maintained little home is one of many examples of this model in Southeast Michigan. It is the only authenticated kit home that I know is currently for sale within the region, seeing as researcher Andrew Mutch recently authenticated it through a deed that had Sears on it.


Sears Claremont – Ortonville, MI

There are two known examples of Sears’ Claremont model in Ortonville, one is authenticated, and the other is not. This one is still only a “probable” kit home. It has recently been the recipient of a flip, as evidenced by the sprucing up that can be noticed between my photo (which I took in August, last year), and the more recent photos in the listing. Andrew Mutch mentioned the authenticated example when it was for sale last year on his blog.


Sears Wilmore – Richfield Twp, MI

As with most of the kit homes for sale in Southeast Michigan, this home has yet to be authenticated. Nontheless, it still has a fair amount of the original hardware on the interior, and that can be greatly appreciated.


Sears Belmont – Port Huron, MI (EDIT: This home is off-market. Click *HERE* to view the old listing pics).

This is by far my favorite home that is currently for sale (EDIT: Sold) in Southeast Michigan. The amount of original details that this home still has in absolutely incredible. The house itself is a work of art, in the humble opinion of yours truly. Even though it is not authenticated, I would classify it as “quite likely”, due to the sheer amount of original details.


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